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About Us

Land Your Ground Media is dedicated to empowering our audience to achieve their dreams of land ownership and financial freedom through education and inspiration. Our mission is to bring you valuable insights and information on land acquisition, management, and investment strategies, through the land stories and operations of successful farmers, ranchers, hunters, homesteaders, and investors. We are committed to delivering high quality content, that helps you move the needle on your landownership goals by demonstrating how others are doing it. Above all, we seek to glorify God by promoting good stewardship practices of His creation.

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Chase Burns

Host of the show and land expert. Chase is a licensed real estate broker who specializes in land and rural properties, working with LandGuys, LLC of IL. He's also a rancher, homesteader, hardcore hunter and wildlife habitat consultant who owns a land management company. 

Jordan Sheese

Producer and media specialist. Jordan is the technological talent on our team, and an all around outdoorsman who loves fishing, hunting, and cutting wood on the family farm. 

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